Inspiring the Future Ireland is a free service which sees people from all sectors and professions pledging just one hour a year to visit local schools to talk about their jobs, career and the education route they took.


As a volunteer you will talk casually about your everyday work – you don’t need to prepare anything, just arrive on the day and we will brief you, and guide you through this fun and relaxed process! Everyone – from seasoned CEOs to 18 year old Apprentices – can volunteer with Inspiring the Future Ireland. The Inspiring the Future Ireland Coordinator will contact you to explore volunteering opportunities which may suit you and put the arrangements in place for you to take part. We also run work placements and occasionally webinars – we’re always looking for a variety of people just like you, so sign up now to volunteer!



Need a taster of what a volunteer session looks like? Why not have a look at this video from theTUD Access Webinar 23.03.21 with Inspiring the Future Ireland, South Dublin County Partnership and Technical University Dublin. This video features volunteers Janessa Scott, Lee Benett, and Miracle Madu. Thank you to TUD and our funders Bank of America for making this event possible.