South Dublin County Partnership, a not-for-profit registered charity, leads the Inspire the Future Ireland Project in South County Dublin. With over 20 years experience in delivering innovative projects, community led initiatives and supports to tackle poverty and social exclusion. South Dublin County Partnership is keen to work with like- minded individuals and companies locally and nationally to inspire young people to reach their full potential.

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Inspiring the Future Ireland (ITFI) is a free, mostly school-based careers education programme. We work to inspire and motivate young people to reach their full potential as they transition from school towards economic independence through many different avenues, such as 3rd level education, apprenticeships, traineeships and/or long-term sustainable employment opportunities.

ITFI demonstrates a range of career possibilities to young people through engagement with positive career role models working and living in our community, who share the varied pathways they have taken to reach their career goals.

Currently our project offers career development workshops, unique work experiences with leading employers, university access events and thematic interactive development events. ITFI is the leading connection between young people and career professionals and has been developed to ensure the best opportunities are provided to these young people.

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