Teachers and volunteers are connected through this secure website. Volunteers sign up under the ‘Volunteers’ tab, teachers sign up on the ‘Schools’ tab and the Inspiring the Future Ireland coordinator will connect Volunteers to Schools. At the heart of Inspiring the Future, are volunteers talking informally about their job, career and their educational route, in order to broaden the horizons and raise the aspirations of young people. Activities teachers can select volunteers to assist with include:

Career Insight Talks and Events

Speaking to groups of young people about your career journey and education pathway, and what work you do now. Provide information on skill requirements and possible education pathways that lead to future employment in your industry. You could do this by offering students short careers talks including a Q&A session, presenting at a career fair, or participating in events such as Speed Career Networking and ‘What’s my Line” or being involved in an ‘Inspiring Women’ activity.

Curriculum Link

Involving yourself in consultations with teachers who seek to enrich school curriculum by offering your input to students so they can develop an appreciation of how their academic school subjects and learning activities are relevant to and are being applied in your career, workplace and industry.

Help with CV and/or Realistic Mock Interviews

Giving young people feedback and advice on their CV’s – helping young people practice their communication skills in realistic mock interview scenarios for jobs, Apprenticeships, Higher Education entry etc.

Reading or Numeracy

Reading to children or listening to them read in a primary school, either individually or in groups. Taking part in a numeracy related activity with a group of primary school children.

Inspiring the Future Campaign Events

Various themed events will be organised throughout the year. For example:

Apprenticeship Fairs which will showcase the various career options and training opportunities available to young people through Apprenticeships.

Designed and Made: Themed events encourage schools to invite volunteers that design and make things – from T-shirts to aeroplanes, furniture to glassware – to give students insights into a range of career options in this huge and fascinating arena

Inspiring Languages: To encourage language teachers to invite volunteers using languages in their job to talk with school and college pupils to bring classroom learning to life.

These campaigns will be initiated and facilitated by the ITF coordinator as opportunities and needs arise. Please contact the ITF team if you have an idea or a need for a specific campaign/event.