Empower the next generation:

Open doors to new career pathways for young people

Enhance your companies’ reputation within the community, support your CSR and long-term recruitment objectives and be involved in an initiative which will make a difference in the lives of young people. Support and enable schools to make effective linkages with key employer and open the eyes of children and young people to career opportunities they would never have dreamed of before.

As a sponsor you can experience various benefits that can align with your values of social responsibility

Inspiring the Future Thematic Events
  • Making a demonstrable difference in the lives of young people
  • Diversifying your future talent pipeline
  • Strengthening connections with local communities and raising awareness of what you do
  • Broadening the experience and skills of your employees
  • Providing your employees with the opportunity to pause and reflect on their own career
  • Contributing to your CSR performance metrics


STEP 1: Encourage employees to pledge their commitment

Encourage employees to pledge their commitment on the www.inspiringthefuture.ie website and support them to attend Inspiring The Future Ireland events and school archives.

Employers Step 1 Employee encouragement

STEP 2: Become a Project Partner.

Become a project partner. Donate funding to or support the project pro-bono. Avail of  positive publicity and marketing of your company as an appreciation.

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STEP 3: Become a Mentor

Support your employees to mentor a young person through work shadowing advice and guidance


STEP 4: Facilitate Work Placement

Facilitate students work placements within your company. The goal behind these placements is to ensure that young people gain the belief that there is a space for them in these fantastic workplaces, once they have the motivation and are willing to work hard.

inspiring the future ireland work placement

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