FREE Careers Programmes - Offered exclusively to schools in South County Dublin

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    Did You Know?

    89% of young people who have taken part in Inspiring the Future Ireland have learned something new and useful for their career ambitions

Inspiring the Future Ireland is a careers project that helps students build a foundation for careers success.

Our mission is to offer your people from this community the Inspiration, motivation,knowledge and skills to help them achieve their career potential.

The advantage of choosing us to compliment your teaching is our programmes are proven, through extensive research, to have a positive and lasting impact on young people’s future career trajectories. The programme is a key factor in raising the ambitions of the youth of South Dublin and instilling the belief that they can do anything they put their mind to, irrespective of the barriers that they may face. We offer full teacher training for our programme and we do all of the work for any events your students engage in!

Inspiring the Future Ireland has been thoroughly developed to ensure the best opportunities are provided to young people within the South County Dublin area! Currently our project offers all secondary school students career development workshops, unique work experiences with leading employers, university Access events and thematic interactive development events!


What We Do

Work Placements

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This year, Inspiring the Future Ireland aims to provide young people within South Dublin with the opportunity to engage with some of Ireland’s leading employers. These experiences will not only encourage, but also motivate young people to consider careers within these exciting sectors.
The goal behind these placements is to ensure that young people gain the belief that there is a space for them in these fantastic workplaces, once they have the motivation and are willing to work hard.

Find Your Inspiration

Careers Programme
This programme offers everything you need to run a careers module with your students. This FREE programme offers teacher training and a ‘Find Your Inspiration’ Pack that includes; 8 lesson plans, careers tools and puzzles, games, and careers maps unique to South Dublin County Dublin, all with the goal of motivating and inspiring your students!
Our next training session will be held in September. The hour-long training provided will give you all the skills necessary to deliver this highly engaging programme. Sign up now to find out more information!

Career Networking

5th & 6th Class
Volunteer speakers from a wide variety of sectors will meet with your students to engage in a fun and interactive discussion about their career journey, pathways to their type of work and their sector in general. We’ll do all the work to organise the sessions and provide helpful prompt cards to assist your students with engaging in meaningful discussions.


What We Do

All you need to do is sign up and we’ll look after the rest! All of our programmes are open to first to sixth year students so get in touch quick to book your places.